2016 Mike Jones here to kill the rumors about being locked up for human trafficking(Pimpin).

Published on February 25th, 2016

Mike Jones is a rapper, actor, and entrepreneur. He initially was affiliated with     Souf Folk in which he used an alias Sache.  He released one album with Souf Folk called Country Thuggin’ in 2003.



Mike Jones than after hooked up with Co-Founder Micheal Watts of Swishahouse.

Jones begun to brand himself by wearing his own apparel with his name on his shirts, posters, styrofoam cups, and etc.  Jones repeated his name and number in every song. He began to visit every strip club in Houston. He thought outside the box and he built relationships with entertainers about his music.


What made him so unique is he personalize records for the entertainers to dance to on there stage set. He grew popularity in the Houston night life. Jones made his own avenue by making his self unavoidable he was known as the underdog. His marketing skills made him visible to Houston then the Country.


In March 2015, TMZ released a story stating that ” Mike Jones was being held in San Antonio, Tx on bond for $100,000 for Human Trafficking. He was facing five (5) to fourteen (14) years of imprisonment and 34 counts against him. If aggravated assault, aggravated sexual assault, or death were to come into play the maximum penalty is life imprisonment.  The ironic part is Jones was on TMZ blog reading it as it was posted. He was in disbelief Jones states not only was it an hoax it diminished his brand that he worked so hard to build. Sgt. Bill Grayson with San Antonio Police Department drafted a letter requested by Jones Lawyer affirming that there was NO INVESTIGATION undergoing for Human Trafficking and or anything else. The letter clears Mike Jones name.




Since, this incident Mike Jones has been working on rebuilding his brand and his New Movement “Money Train”. Mike Jones now resides in Dallas and Atlanta.  His New Mixtape Reloaded drops late January/ Early February 2016 and The Reloaded Tour Begins March/ April 2016.




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