Robert Davis better known to many as Dj Screw [King of the South] must read!

Published on January 29th, 2016


Robert Davis better known to many as Dj Screw. He was known for creating his own genre of music. This form of music is played at a slower speed than the original song. Screw music became well known because of the artist emerging out of Texas.

Fat Pat, Ke Ke, Hawk, Lil Flip, Chamillionaire, Paul Wall, and Mike Jones these are some of the artist that represented one of Texas majors cities Houston they all found they way into the spotlight. An, another major Texas click UGK Bun B and Pimp C who comes from Port Arthur, Texas. They all started from the Texas underground music scene known as Screw Music.

Dj Screw is the founder of the (SUC) Screwed Up Click he was the innovator behind it all. These young men looked up to him as a man, father figure, big brother, and legend. He taught young men what being a men was all about. From the way he dressed with his starched down jeans with razor crease. They began to emulate his style Tee Shirt, Dickies with a A crease, a pair of Jordan’s or some candy adidas. His presence was known all around Texas and surrounding states he use to say his screw tape was better than the radio.

Dj Screw was definitely a trend setter. People lined up for blocks from 8-10 to get the new screw tape. The lines were so long Houston Police Department thought he was distributing an illegal substance. These artist that were feature on Screw’s tape went from 0 units sold to 1,000 or 1,500 units sold. Artist like Fat Pat and Lil Ke Ke went from $300/$400 features on a record to making $1,500 to perform on stage at clubs like Chocolate Town,High Rollers, and other cities like Alexandria, Louisiana.

S.U.C was becoming mainstream yet, Dj Screw was not trying to monopolize off of these young artist he urged them to sign with other labels. Even though they did they stayed loyal to Screw. They presented him with gifts to show they’re appreciation.  Around the late 90’s Dj Screw changed his style a little by adding fitted caps to his wardrobe he was a simple man. He didn’t believe in being flashy.

Screw sense of style made a mark on the hip hop community everyone wanted to wear the starched down Levis with the razor crease, jersey, a piece of jewelry and Jordan’s.  Michael Watts even wanted to  emulate Screw’s sound and style. Even though they were from the same city their worlds were different. Screw was the voice of the Southside (Soufside) and Watts became the voice of the North side (Nawfside). This later started confrontation and a war in the city.

“In the world of Hip Hop fashion is a language. But, I also, wanted people to understand the climate and the environment that created Hip Hop”.

-Sacha Jenkins

Without a doubt Hip Hop music has changed since the 90’s. Yet, Robert Davis The Man We Call Dj Screw his Style and His Music Will Live Forever.


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